SEM, PPC, and other paid advertising

Advertising is a science and an art. It is a science in the sense that it takes technical knowledge of how people think, what will catch their attention and how to persuade them to become customers of your business. Advertising can also be considered an art because ads are a visual way to tell a story. Effective and attractive artwork catches people’s attention and helps to deliver the appropriate message to the client.

DeSimone Global Marketing is a global advertising agency that combines the power of the science and art with advertising and marketing. Our advertising agency understands the most modern ways to get the attention of your customers. We create an interest in the products and services that your business has to offer. Our team will utilize our design and technical skills to create marketing material for our clients that get results!

As an ad agency based out of Phoenix, we understand that modern advertising takes many forms and we know that people are saturated with advertising and marketing efforts. DeSimone Global Marketing creates ads that are eye-catching, clever, and will stand out among the competition.

Our Phoenix advertising agency will help to build the bottom line of your business by creating awareness and excitement about your company, products and services. A high-quality advertising company helps to cultivate a brand and leaves a lasting impression on customers. This is exactly what you can expect from DeSimone Global Marketing.

Look to us for all your advertising needs. Contact us by telephone at 480-322-1033 or by e-mail at to request more information about our paid advertising services.