Social Media Management

Social media is extremely prevalent in our society, and this trend is not going anywhere. Let DeSimone Global Marketing help your business harness the power of being socially connected to your customers through the use dedicated social media management services.

Technologically savvy businesses know that a proactive and ongoing social media management strategy is good business sense. Gone are the days when business couldn’t communicate with customers unless they picked up the phone. Now you can have direct access to the feedback that your customers are providing via their online presence. Your business can’t afford to miss this valuable information, and thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms, you have the opportunity to connect and engage with your customers like never before. Modern consumers resent being looked at as just another dollar, but they value that personal touch.

Social media marketing can give you that personal connection since you can communicate directly with individual customers, small groups, or a defined subset of your clients. Unlike radio, television or print advertising, social media marketing in is very cost-effective with a measurable, real-time return on investment. This is exactly why you need to partner with an experienced social media marketing agency. DeSimone Global Marketing provides social media marketing in Phoenix and abroad that will give you a competitive edge.

With our social media marketing, your campaign will capture all the passion and excitement you put into your business. Social media has changed customer’s expectations of businesses. They expect businesses to be more open, communicative, and responsive to their needs and feedback. If you choose DeSimone Global Marketing as your social media management Company, you will provide this to your customers. Contact us by telephone at 480-322-1033 or by e-mail at to request more information and to get the power of social media working for you.