Advertising Agency

We dream in color, speak in black and white, laugh often, and live life to the fullest. The outdoors whisper to us throughout our days, we like to play outside. We are born problem solvers and people tend to ask, “How’d you think of that” our answer, “it’s what we do, we think.”

We dream in color, speak in black and white, laugh often, and live life to the fullest.

Buying organic and eating consciously is normal to us. We workout first thing in the morning over here, after checking Facebook of course. People tell us their secrets and we keep them and treasure them. Creativity is in our blood, innovation is our way of life, and mistakes are embraced in our world. Learning is our hobby, so is teaching.

Our Experience

DGM is a full-service advertising agency. With over 20 years of experience in the online world, there isn’t much we haven’t done. In fact, we’ve done it all, we may have even invented the way other advertising agencies are doing things now. You kind of just have to meet us to understand the depth of creativity and humor that pulse through our veins.

Consulting - 20+ year
Web development - 15+ years
Marketing & PR - 15+ years
Branding - 12+ years
SEO - 8+ years


Jody DeSimone Creative Director/Founder
She is creative, funny, loyal, and she might even have the Apple logo tattooed on her right wrist. The world is her playground and she is not afraid to play. Jody motivates people and brings people together. In Jody’s world nothing is ever broken it is just waiting to be reinvented.
Therese Lang Public Relations Director
Therese is an outgoing message crafting magician. People adore her attitude and they are drawn to her energy. She enjoys people, good food, and a well deserve drink after work. She is completely devoted to her family, friends, and clients.
Saqib Saeed Programming Director
He is funny, focused, and he loves media. No task is too big for this animal loving, tech genius. Saqib is the guy for anything web, IT, or design related. He has an uncanny attention for detail. His designs with is a coy creative edge that leaves people in awe.
Alicia Kea SEO Director
Alicia is funny and is full of fresh ideas. People respond well to her guidance. She spends a lot of time “nerding” out with Google Analytics on her computer screen. Alicia loves life and has a way of predicting trends and digital progression.