7 SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) for years or have just started learning the ropes: there’s always a need to improve your skills. Because of the nature of the industry, as soon as you think you’ve got it the rules change. You need to constantly research and implement Google best in order to keep up. The past decade has seen light-years of development on the internet front, and things are only going to keep changing. We created this document to provide a very basic 101 about SEO Tips that can help focus you and get you started with your SEO campaign. Here’s a great guide put out by HubSpot called “The Ultimate Guide to SEO 2018” it’s definitely worth a read.

Phoenix, Arizona SEO agencies have been working with these challenges for years, and they’ve picked up a few things. There are quite a few lessons that any phx az SEO expert need to learn before they can begin succeeding in the field. Search engine optimization is considered a science at this point. There’s very little room to make mistakes, it’s important to learn methods that work, and please your clients all at once.

Whether you’re looking to add to your skillset or just want to refresh your memory, here’s a quick crash-course for SEO experts.

SEO Tips

  1. Keywords are tricky. People search in weird ways. Where some searchers might use grammatically correct sentences, most people use fragments, phrases, and specific long tail keywords. To build your keyword list appropriately, put yourself in the shoes of an average searcher. Don’t be afraid to use keywords popular in the industry and try to cover as many bases as possible.
  2. Try to think quantitatively. While quality is absolutely important, your content is only as good as the numbers say it is. Monitor traffic on posts and keep an eye on the numbers. How many comments and referrals has a post gotten? What kind of traffic is it getting?
  3. Different strategies are required. No business is the same, and no SEO plan is the same. Build each strategy with the client in mind and try to mold it to their audience. Where one client might trust you do what you think is best, another might have strict specifications on how you handle their SEO. Find a good middle ground and familiarize yourself with what works best for each client.
  4. You cannot outsmart Google. Even if you think you’ve found a fool-proof way to beat the machine, it will inevitably catch up. Search engine optimization “cheats” and loopholes will only work against you in the long run. Google’s algorithms will always prevail, and you risk your content being rendered useless if you try to cut corners. SEO is a long game with short game moves. Make long-lasting content, and don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.
  5. Remember to use layman’s terms. As you become more experienced, you’ll pick up more industry-specific lingo. However, your clients might not have the same vocabulary. Don’t try to impress them with how much you know, help them understand what you do.
  6. Leave room for improvement. SEO is never going to stop changing. Try to stay ahead of the curve, and don’t stop educating yourself on rising trends and techniques.
  7. Keep updating your methods. Even if your clients are happy with your work, don’t be afraid to bring up new ideas. Giving your clients a cutting edge not only helps them succeed, it gives you a better strategy.