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How to run a business and be a friend at the same time

I want you to try this approach on your personal Facebook page:

Post a question, any question, and see how many people respond. People like interaction; it is human nature to want to give an opinion. We can all agree that our friends are some of the most opinionated people we know (partially kidding).

Let me share this example with you. On August 20th I posted, “If a website was free and someone did all the work for you, would you want one?” I received 16 likes and 21 comments. As a business owner this is a unique opportunity for me. I have the chance to help out my friends, my business (free leads), and to be a generous person.

I am not the type of person that thinks all business transactions have to be done with money. I believe in giving back to those I care about as well as those I don’t even know. If I have an opportunity to help another person get ahead, even a little bit, I believe it is my right to do so.

In this example I get to offer my services to my friends and acquaintances that can use them. What I asked for in return was the following:
1) Offer what you can afford if you are one of those people that need to give money for a service
2) Like my business pages and ask your friends to as well, Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+
3) Tell me what you are going to do for someone to pay forward what I am offering to do for you

Not only does this create a list of leads, but it inspires a much more beautiful process in the lives of those around you. We give and take; it is what we do as humans and there is NOTHING wrong with that. When you have extra to give, the question should not be why but how should I do it.

So, I encourage you to take a few moments out of your day today and think about what you have more than enough of. Find a creative way to share those types of things with those around you. The energy that this elicits will amaze you – I guarantee it.

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