Logo Design and Branding

At DeSimone Global Marketing, we strive to optimize business for our clients in the Phoenix area and abroad. Logo design is an essential part of company branding, and DeSimone Global Marketing is an expert in company branding. Here are some principles of logo design we use to design an effective logo for your company.

Make it appropriate for the product or business:
We consider what your customers want from you. What learn impression you want to create? Your logo needs to have a sense of your company’s mission and deliver that impression to your customers. Do you want to play up how customers already view your company? Do you want to change how your company is perceived? Effective logo design has the power to reinforce or change customers’ minds about your business.

Make the logo unique and memorable:
If you want your logo design to stand out in the marketplace, it has to be fresh and stick in customers’ minds long after they have seen it. As an industry leading logo design agency, we create logos that are highly recognizable, creative and effective.

Effective colors:
Never underestimate the power of color for your logo design. Numerous studies indicate that people have emotional reactions and underlying thoughts about color. People associate certain colors with particular traits. Some examples from research: blue is often associated with the traits of trust and dependability; yellow makes people think optimism, warmth, and friendliness; red is correlated with excitement, youth and boldness; while green is associated with calmness, peace, and health. The takeaway here: the colors used in your logo will have unconscious associations in your customer’s minds. We are aware of how colors will affect your branding as we create the logo that best represents your company.

Keep it simple and basic:
While color choice is extremely important in logo design, it is also important to keep it streamlined and simple. This ensures your logo looks great across all advertising media, such as print, online, TV, and billboard advertising. The logo should stand out, but not detract from the messaging.

A well-designed logo will attract customers and promote your brand. DeSimone Global Marketing provides logo design in Phoenix that delivers your company’s message in a memorable way. Contact us by phone at 480-322-1033 or by e-mail at info@desimoneglobalmarketing.com to learn more.