Google VS GoDaddy

Google or GoDaddy for Domain Registry?

Okay the fact is, I am an avid advocate. I do not buy domain names in bulk nor do I resell domain names. When I have to help a client buy a domain name or hosting I immediately refer them to GoDaddy. The customer service is unparalleled to anything that any other web hosting service has provided me and it is 24/7. I do not want to admit it, but I have had many long nights on the phone with GoDaddy’s customer service line while they patiently walked me through an issue. All of my web design business and loyalty has been with them up to this point. The GoDaddy headquarters is in Arizona and I live in Arizona, so it makes sense.
Google offers domain name registration Now I am perplexed… I love Google. Seriously, I love them almost as much as I love Mac and Apple products. I have the apple logo tattooed on my right wrist – the love flows deeply through my veins. Google rivals that kind of love for me.
Google is like a lover that just irritates the hell out of you, but keeps you guessing and on your toes. Like that one boyfriend/girlfriend you keep trying to impress, even though you’re being pursued by many others that would love and accept you just the way you are. Oh Google, my long lost love affair. So here is the issue: Google is now treading onto the respect that I have for GoDaddy. Google is tempting me, and I am afraid I may just have to cheat on GoDaddy! I at least have to go on a few dates with Google to see what I might be missing. Do you agree?
Google is breaking into the domain registration business. This excites me, because Google always offers a twist on their products. I am certain that they have something up their sleeve with this one. Soon, we will all be able to go over to Google and sign up for Google Domains here. Right now, it is a private party so all you can do is email your “friend” Google and beg for an invite… Or find a cool kid that is in the in crowd who can hook you up.

Google new domain endings
Google will be offering the following features with this new service:
· Private registration (free)

· 100 branded emails

· Easy domain forwarding

· Customizable sub-domains

· New domain endings like .guru and .photography

· Support 9am to 9pm EST
Apparently, they do put a cap on DNS resolutions at 10 million resolutions per year for one single domain. If you are a larger company with a huge website this may not work for you. I am certain that Google will do with this what it does with all of their new products; test, test, and test again until it is damn near perfect. There are certain companies that are trustworthy and Google falls into that category. I, for certain, will be coming over to Google and seeing what they have to offer in the Domain Registry arena. At the end of the day if it is between GoDaddy and Google; well, the answer is kind of obvious I would think.
Oh boy I can’t wait for this date!
Final thought: Google is offering new domain endings. Does this mean the domain endings will start to rank in search engines differently? Are they targeting smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with the DNS cap? Food for thought.

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