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Are you ready to brand your company?

As a business owner, you've probably heard a lot of talk about branding and how it's essential for success. But what exactly is a brand? Marketing master and New York University instructor, Jim Joseph, has one of the best yet simplest explanations: you need a product but you want a brand. Say you're a coffee drinker. While you could drink any old cup of Joe, more than likely you have a favorite, whether it's Cartel Coffee Lab, Peet's or even that little coffee chain with the green and white logo - you know the one. And the reason you know the...
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Do You Know Your Social Media Grade?

In addition to enabling people to stay in touch with friends and family members, social media platforms have become effective tools for building brand awareness. According to a 2014 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, nearly three quarters of adult-aged Internet users are active on social networking sites. That being the case its no wonder so many businesses maintain accounts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, just because you’re using these platforms to promote your brand doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using them properly. Social Media Grades Like everything else in life, some people are...
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How to run a business and be a friend at the same time

I want you to try this approach on your personal Facebook page: Post a question, any question, and see how many people respond. People like interaction; it is human nature to want to give an opinion. We can all agree that our friends are some of the most opinionated people we know (partially kidding). Let me share this example with you. On August 20th I posted, "If a website was free and someone did all the work for you, would you want one?” I received 16 likes and 21 comments. As a business owner this is a unique...
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Google VS GoDaddy

Google or GoDaddy for Domain Registry?

Okay the fact is, I am an avid advocate. I do not buy domain names in bulk nor do I resell domain names. When I have to help a client buy a domain name or hosting I immediately refer them to GoDaddy. The customer service is unparalleled to anything that any other web hosting service has provided me and it is 24/7. I do not want to admit it, but I have had many long nights on the phone with GoDaddy's customer service line while they patiently walked me through an issue. All of my No Comments on Google or GoDaddy for Domain Registry? Read more
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Social Media Predictions in 2014

2013 was a great year for social media, and it will certainly become better in 2014. An article posted by Media Bistro shows predictions of social media growth worldwide stating that, “200 million users globally were added in the past 12 months, with 1.61 billion people now active in social media.” Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps, Instagram, and many others aren’t just places to hang out, they have become something more. Many companies have a Facebook page, while others present their services on Pinterest. Statistics show that companies who don’t promote themselves on Facebook have less profit than the ones that conduct...
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