Branding concept

Are you ready to brand your company?

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about branding and how it’s essential for success. But what exactly is a brand? Marketing master and New York University instructor, Jim Joseph, has one of the best yet simplest explanations: you need a product but you want a brand.

Say you’re a coffee drinker. While you could drink any old cup of Joe, more than likely you have a favorite, whether it’s Cartel Coffee Lab, Peet’s or even that little coffee chain with the green and white logo – you know the one. And the reason you know the one is because of branding.

Branding is tied with emotion and you want your customers to have an emotional connection to your product or service. Effective branding instantly reaffirms that connection the moment a customer sees your company’s logo or hears your product’s name.

But before that can happen, you need to make sure you’re ready to brand your company. Here’s how:

1. Write your mission statement. A mission statement doesn’t just outline your goals for your company, it creates the foundation your company is built upon and determines the direction your company will take. Deciding what your company’s core values are and writing them down will act as guidelines during the branding process.

2. Figure out what sets you apart. It’s critical to know what it is that makes you different from everyone else, what makes your product or service special. The more common your product is, the more important it is to stand out. Let’s go back to our example of coffee. There are about 30 coffee roasters in Phoenix alone. If you are one of them, how do you get coffee drinkers to buy your coffee? Maybe it’s using Fair Trade beans, maybe it’s your proprietary roasting process, maybe it’s the unique atmosphere of your coffee shop. Whatever it is, that’s your secret sauce and it’s branding gold.

3. Know your customers. Who your customers are will greatly affect your branding. If your target market is males between the ages of 18 and 25, you’re going to have a wildly different approach than if you’re marketing to middle-aged suburban housewives. Discovering who your customers are isn’t always as clear-cut as you might think. While you may have thought your product or service would appeal to a particular demographic, actual sales might tell a different story.

4. Know what message you want to send. If you don’t have a clear brand message, you’re not going to have an effective brand. Choose one clear message to send and it will have a much better chance of being received. This message will become your brand’s tagline. “Just Do It,” “Got Milk?” and “Can you hear me now?” are examples of exceptional taglines that clearly communicate a brand message.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to brand your company. Your logo is an ideal place to start. Expert logo design phoenix can help you get started and ensure your brand is an effective one.

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